13 de febrero de 2017

Ludwing Van Beethoven, was a famous conducter, composser and pianist.
He was born in Bonn (Germany) the 16th of December of 1770 (when Germany belonged to the Sacre Empire Roman German).

Ludwing made a lot of works for piano and 9 Symphonies.
His family was poor and they came from Belgic.
His father admired W.A.Mozart and he wanted to turn his son into a prodigious and he started to teach him how to play the piano, the organ and the clarinet when Beethoven was a child, so he didn't have any friends and he left in school.
He made great progresse in music and his teachers praised Beethoven.
He moved to Viena and there it is where Beetheven's first career started. He compped, symphonies and some specials songs but then he was disappointed by some of them.
Soon he abandoned this type of music and the Austrian aristocraty, gave him a pension. He lost some of his hearing and sufferes a lot as a consequence.
During his lasts years, Beethoven becave isolated due to his lack of hearing but his favourite and the most famous symphony was a big success.

And then, he die in Viena in 26th March 1827.
His last movement of the 9th Symphonie was chosen as the Hymn of the European Union or Ode to Joy and the letter was original from Beethoven and it was translate into languages (but the most beautiful is in german).
I love this video because it sents the Ode of Joy. A small girl gives to a musician in the street and appeared the orchestra, chours and the conducter.


I want mention two of his songs: For Elisse and Mondscheinsonate (Light of Moon).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2N5iyQuFWI claro de luna
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHVsa_dynsM  para elisa

If there is one charateristic of Beethoven, in his songs, is that his emotions are translated into manye different forces and intensities and being partly deaf and no hearing his music I'm sure that he had his music, the sounds, the notes... in his head, as if they were eternal melodies.

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  1. Un buen ejemplo de superación. Trabajar con la música supone dominar en todos los sentidos el lenguaje universal. Me ha gustado mucho.